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Our Creative Philosophy is Simple. You tell us the features that are important to your business! Our writers prepare the scripts. We ALWAYS send them back to you for approval and any necessary adjustment. The script is finished when YOU say it is! We can incorporate existing marketing campaigns, slogans and/or jingles, with appropriate music into your custom message!

Towards the goal of writing the best scripts, we employ a team of expert writers with degrees in Journalism or English. All of our writers are EXPERIENCED in the public relations, customer service or marketing areas.

After YOU answer a questionnaire on the type of message that is best for your business, we get to work. Various messages are created and all are sent back for review and final approval. Changes? Re-Writes? YES, we provide fast turn-around and help you get the right message.

We understand that spoken English is different than written English. Our writers have the talent to help you provide the valuable information that will please your customers. Our scripts are mini-stories and through our quarterly update program, we can organize your material to match the seasons or new services being offered by your business.

• Technical Terms? sure--we know them or we will find them!
• Let us write a message promoting your hours and special services.
• How about some words on Locations, Parking, and seasonal specials?