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The customer deserves the best. The On Hold system provides YOU with a reliable and effective method of communicating with YOUR customers. Our system and company has been in business since 1997. People are always being placed on hold. We know that you want to use that time effectively! Our technology provides the best way to inform existing and potential customers about the services that you offer.

We provide the following :

• Custom, client approved messages
• Professional Script Writers
• State of the Art Digital Studio facility
• Variety in voices and music
• Reliable equipment for message playback
• Dealer Network -throughout North America
• Quarterly Message Update Service

On-Hold Systems provides first-class customer service to all of our customers. After an initial script consultation, the script is written. Any revisions are handled promptly. Special scripts for different promotions, seasons, satellite offices, or even days of the week are also created, if desired. After client approval, the message(s) is recorded. On Hold Systems assures you of complete satisfaction by providing opportunities for each message to be created to match the needs of any business. Our equipment is all digital, reliable, self-starting, and installed by professional dealers. New messages are sent direct to your location and easily installed by your local staff. Thousands of customers listen to On Hold systems every day!

Now is the time for your business to offer a Telephone On Hold system that is worthy of your institution. Click here for more information, or call 888.664.6535